Proud hospitality with a 200-year history!

【Official】Akakura hotel

Akakura Akakura hotel with the history of Akakura Onsen

Akakura Onsen opened hot water in the thirteenth year of culture, 200 years have passed since this year.
Tenshin Okakura is a genuine hot spring ideal village where the history and culture loved by cultural people such as Tenshin Okakura, Akiko Yosano, Koyo Ozaki others celebrated.
Even in modern times, hot springs with plenty of hot springs continue to be loved by visitors.

About new Corona Virus infectious disease measures

  • 【Request to customers】

    With the safety and security of our customers and staff as our top priority, we thoroughly implement the following measures.
    ·Temperature and physical condition confirmation of all staff and customers
    ·Implementation of identity verification for customers
    ·Regular disinfection and strengthening of ventilation at each facility
    ·Disinfectant is installed in various places of the facility
    ·Acrylic boards installed at each counter including the front desk
    ·Staff mask wear
    ·Secure social distance
    ·Change of meal provision method
    ·To avoid congestion,Business suspension of some facilities or decentralization of usage time
    For those who are not in good physical condition and those with a body temperature of 37.5°C or above, please refrain from visiting the facility, and be sure to understand the social distance and wearing a mask when visiting. Thank you for your collaboration.
  •  ※To prevent corona infection, the sauna and karaoke box will not be available for a while.

Niigata Prefectural Wari Campaign

  • Resume!  "Useful! Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign! "

    usage period:Reiwa 3rd September 27th (Monday) -December 31st(Friday)
    ※For accommodation, it is applicable until check-out on Saturday, January 1, 4th year of Reiwa.

    Reservation period:Reiwa 3rd September 21st (Tuesday) -December 31st(Friday)

    It is a proxy application at an accommodation facility or a travel agency.
    ●However, please confirm with the accommodation facility or travel agency directly whether or not you can apply on your behalf at the time of booking.
    ●At check-in, we will check your driver's license or health insurance card.

Hotel special food information

Akakura hotel Day Trip plan

  • ~Special natural lunch~

    Plateau wild plants, vegetables, local chicken, etc ...Natural lunch to enjoy the ingredients!

    For 2 people or more 1 person bathing included 3,800 yen(Tax included)
    season:From mid-May to the end of September

    [Menu] ---------------
    ·Farmer's field salad 
    ·Temari Sushi     
    ·Treasure ware      
    ·Tailored soup such as Niigata chicken, beets and potatoes
    ※If you need a break room, it costs 1,000 yen per person for 1 hour.             
    ※Please contact the front desk for reservations.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • ◎ Shadoru Room

    After check-in, I will take a rest here.

    All the windows of the Shadoru Room face the garden on the side of the annex building.

    Relaxing while relaxing while watching the outside.

    For our guests, we will offer our hotel handmade Ohagi.

    A refreshing sweetness that works for tiredness on the outward trip is popular.Please have a good time.
    Next morning you stay, please have a morning coffee.
  • ◎ Rooftop observation deck viewing Mount Myoko

    What is most surprising to our customers is that you can see Mount Myoko, a Japan's100 Remarkable Mountains that is also one of Japan's100 Remarkable Mountains.

    Around the top of Mount Myoko, Kan'nasan to the right, there is a Mt Akakura to the left, looks like a mountain range, which consists of three mountain.

    In the morning, take a deep breath of refreshing air through your chest while seeing the Akakura Onsen town where the light from the clouds is plugged in.

    When there is no cloud, it is a beautiful sight that seems only like an illusion.

    However, even employees of our hotel are rare scenes that I have never seen so far, so please try to get up early in case of lodging.
  • ◎ "In a facility that colors with flowers"

    Flowers per season vividly colors in front of the entrance, courtyard, lobby and so on.

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