Proud hospitality with a 200-year history!

【Official】Akakura hotel

Akakura Akakura hotel with the history of Akakura Onsen

Akakura Onsen opened hot water in the thirteenth year of culture, 200 years have passed since this year.
Tenshin Okakura is a genuine hot spring ideal village where the history and culture loved by cultural people such as Tenshin Okakura, Akiko Yosano, Koyo Ozaki others celebrated.
Even in modern times, hot springs with plenty of hot springs continue to be loved by visitors.

[Campaign to go to Myoko]

  • Support Myoko with a 2000 yen coupon and get it!

    We will hold a "Myoko Going Out Support Campaign" that presents a coupon ticket (2000 yen) that can be used at restaurants and souvenir shops in Myoko City to our guests.
    You will be given the coupon and the stores that can be used at the time of check-in.
    In addition, you can participate in a lottery where you can win lift tickets and special products with the used coupon ticket.

Response to new Corona Virus infection

  • Request for alcohol disinfection and wearing a mask

     Thank you for your continued patronage.
     At this facility, we will prevent the infection of the new Corona Virus, and for the health management of our customers and staff,
     Please disinfect with alcohol and wear a mask.
    Also, if you have respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty in breathing, please refrain from visiting the museum.
     Thank you.

Akakura hotel Special plan"Niigata Good Inn"

  • Enjoy Japanese cuisine with carefully selected seasonal ingredients! ~Joetsu unforgettable trip with Joetsu Tankaku beef and Japanese chicken hot pot~

    Joetsu's short-horned beef and phantom fish throat black, local chicken raised locally,
    Rock fish caught in the mountain stream of the plateau, wild vegetables harvested in the surrounding area ...
    You can enjoy the creative Kaiseki cuisine that is sashimi made with local seasonal ingredients at the private dining room!

    Book with 2 or more people.

    1 night 2 meals 19,800 yen per person (excluding tax) ~

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • ◎ Shadoru Room

    After check-in, I will take a rest here.

    All the windows of the Shadoru Room face the garden on the side of the annex building.

    Relaxing while relaxing while watching the outside.

    For our guests, we will offer our hotel handmade Ohagi.

    A refreshing sweetness that works for tiredness on the outward trip is popular.Please have a good time.
    Next morning you stay, please have a morning coffee.
  • ◎ Rooftop observation deck viewing Mount Myoko

    What is most surprising to our customers is that you can see Mount Myoko, a Japan's100 Remarkable Mountains that is also one of Japan's100 Remarkable Mountains.

    Around the top of Mount Myoko, Kan'nasan to the right, there is a Mt Akakura to the left, looks like a mountain range, which consists of three mountain.

    In the morning, take a deep breath of refreshing air through your chest while seeing the Akakura Onsen town where the light from the clouds is plugged in.

    When there is no cloud, it is a beautiful sight that seems only like an illusion.

    However, even employees of our hotel are rare scenes that I have never seen so far, so please try to get up early in case of lodging.
  • ◎ "In a facility that colors with flowers"

    Flowers per season vividly colors in front of the entrance, courtyard, lobby and so on.

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