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Local production eradication! We prepare vegetables and meat mushrooms of Myokokogen and Kaiseki Kaiseki cuisine of the Seafood from the Sea of Japan.

  • 【Special Bouncing Horse Kaiseki plan】

    The chief chef is particular about kaiseki cuisine that makes the best use of local production for local consumption, such as fresh fish and shellfish from the Sea of Japan and vegetables from Myokokogen.

    We offer different habits for each season.
  • Seasonal specialties

    We carefully sashimi dishes that are particular about seasonal local ingredients.
  • We have a large selection of highland vegetables.

  • Echigo ryou taste food and taste

    ◎ Sake alcohol sake is abundantly available.

    Chiyo no Hikari·Special Brewing "Shin", Pure rice live storage sake"Mount Myoko", Special Brewing Live Storage Sake Koshino Hatsuayu Special Brewing Live Storage Sake"Koshino Hatsuayu"

    Live storage sake"Echigo Oyaji", Nama-zake (Sake)'Kiminoi', Settyubai, Daiginjo"Kiminoi" "Yoshinogawa"

    ◎ Iwanohara wine of Iwanohara wine is aligned from original wine to Miyukibana.
  • <Dining Hall>

    <2F Single room dinner party>

    We will prepare for sitting or chair / table seats.

    (Additional fee will be charged separately)
  • <Banquet Hall>

    <Banquet room of table · chair>

    <Sitting style banquet hall>