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Transportation information to Akakura hotel

Google Map

Hotel Name

Akakura hotel


  486 Akakura, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number

  • Highway use

    Highway use

    【from Tokyo】

    (Kanetsu Expressway)⇒Fujioka JCT(Joshinetsu Expressway)⇒Myokokogen IC

    【from Tokyo】

    (Chuo Expressway)⇒Okaya JCT(Nagano Expressway)⇒Koshoku JCT(Joshinetsu Expressway)⇒Myokokogen IC


    (Meishin Expressway)⇒Komaki JCT(Chuo Expressway)⇒Okaya JCT(Nagano Expressway)⇒Koshoku JCT
    ⇒Myokokogen IC
  • JR usage

    【From Tokyo direction】

     Nagano Shinkansen (bullet Train) ⇒ Nagano Transit(Kita-Shinano Line)⇒Myokokogen

    【Nagoya direction】

     Chuo Main Line(Limited express)⇒Nagano transit(Kita-Shinano Line)⇒Myokokogen

    【Kanazawa direction】

    Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) ⇒ Transfer to Joetsu Myoko(Myoko Haneuma Line) 


    【From Niigata direction】

    Shinetsu Main Line ⇒ Naoetsu Transfer (Myoko Haneuma Line) ⇒ Myokokogen

  • Akakura walk map

    Recommended for trekking mini-mini on refreshing plateau

     We have a walking map at the front desk.
     Please proceed while looking at the guide board and the map installed in the walking path.

     ·, The required time is about 30 minutes.

     ·, Because there is a gradient, the elderly and the weak one of the heart,

       Please enjoy at relaxing pace.

     ·, Walking with high heels, sandals, slippers is dangerous.

     ·Please be careful at feet at night.