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Overnight Stay Plan

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Various, Overnight Stay Plan

  • The celebration plan for the New Year issue "Rekazu"!

    [ Plan Details ]
    ~*..., It will change to a new year "Reiwa" from May.
        It is a plan to commemorate the New Year issue.   ~*~

    The fresh green season, the mountains of the plateau attract very beautiful nature.
    Please enjoy it together withContinue reading
    Room rate
    From ¥ 14,000
  • Children under 12 are welcome! Family support plan! ≪Table tennis free≫Jalan Exclusive!

    [ Plan Details ]
    Please enjoy the nature of Takahara and Kake Five places of Hot Springs Onsen "Five places of Hot Springs" in the family!

    For dinner, please enjoy Japanese style & Western mixed mix with plenty of local ingredients.

    Western fContinue reading
    Room rate
    From ¥ 15,000
  • A delicious meal for a dish on a notch! Atsutatsu beef fillet steak with Takahara vegetables

    [ Plan Details ]
    Recommended for meat lovers!

    Taste the seasonal Japanese & Western-style mixed-seat meals + beef fillet steak.

    It will be served with bowl of fillet of fillet and plateau of vegetables.
                   (Vegetables change accordContinue reading
    Room rate
    From ¥ 16,000
  • 【Sake brewery】Niigata Special Product& excellent liquor! ~Nodogro &Settyubai~

    [ Plan Details ]
    If you are traveling to Niigata, introduce sake and cuisine that you would like to recommend!
    It is said that it is a visionary fish, "blackthroat seaperch".
    I can not say soft fluffy feeling like fluffy in the mouth, it seems tContinue reading
    Room rate
    From ¥ 15,000